Resources for Writers of Erotica and Erotic Romance

I guess you’re interested in resources for writers of erotica or erotic romance or you wouldn’t be here;-) Well, you’ve come to the right place! As a former newbie unpublished author, to a published author of erotic historical romance, I’ve come across some great sites while researching the creative and business aspects of publishing in this genre. Let me share with you some of my favorite websites on writing erotica and erotic romance that I’ve found noteworthy.

Let’s begin with the Erotic Readers & Writers Association From the description on the site:

“The Erotica Readers & Writers Association, online since 1996, is an international community of men and women interested in the provocative world of erotica and sensual pleasures. We host a private subscription based E-mail Discussion List and the Erotic Lure newsletter (both free) and this website featuring original erotic fiction, calls for submissions and professional advice for authors, recommendations for erotic books and adult products, and an adult forum focusing on sexual issues, activities and relationships. If this is your first visit, please join us for a Tour of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website.”

They have an amazing Authors Resource page containing extensive listings in the “Call for Submissions” section which includes both print and e-markets. You really need to visit this site if you’re serious about writing erotic romance.

Erotic Romance Read It, Write It, Sell It  From the website:

“Started in 2006, the Erotic Romance blog’s main serious purpose is to provide information about sales figures for this genre, where possible broken down by publisher. Erotic Romance is also an aggregator blog for news, views and gossip from erotic-romancelandia. As with any blog there is also quite a lot of frivolous nonsense on related (and sometimes unrelated) topics.”

If you’re interested in publishers, sales data, and general articles about the industry and other interesting tidbits, check it out!

Write Sex – The Definitive Guide to Writing Erotica  This site’s focus is on how to add erotic elements to your writing. A group of erotic authors contribute a variety of articles to the site. Recent posts include: From the Editor – Selling the book via the sexy excerpt, Growing your market in erotica, and How to get noticed. Additional information on story structure, pseudonyms, marketing and more, is included!

Happy Writing!

Even More Great Websites for Writers!

During my travels, I’ve come across even more great websites for writers and wanted to share them with you. Each site possesses great information for published authors and those who have just embarked upon the journey toward publication. You’ll find each informational, instructional, or inspirational. There’s something for everyone!

Check out author Nathan Bransford’s Writing Advice Database. It contains several posts in the following categories: Before You Start, The Writing Process, Revising, Genres and Classifications, and Staying Sane During the Writing Process. An amazing wealth of information is contained on this page. Highly recommended!

Visit the site of author Roni Loren, Romance Author. Her tab, For Writers is filled with information on writing and publishing. She covers Writing Basics, Voice, Planning your Novel, Hooking the Reader, Drafting your Novel, Characterization, Writing Technique, Writing Romance and Love Scenes, Editing and Revising, On Getting Feedback, Selling and Publishing your Novel, On Being a Writer, and Building a Platform, Promo, and Social Media. Incredible! Add this link to your Bookmarks. Highly Recommended!

M. Louisa Locke, Indie author of a very popular Victorian San Francisco mystery series, has an interesting blog. If you’re an Indie and have been wondering about Amazon’s KDP Select program, check out her blog. She chronicles her journey with the program and provides detailed information on the results. You must also check out her book, Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading the sequel, Uneasy Spirits. Highly Recommended!

And last, but not least, visit author Monique De Vere. She has just started a new blog series entitled: Fast Writing. If you’re like me you wonder how prolific authors do it…and what their secret is! I intend to check in frequently to find out. First author guest is Nicola Marsh, who writes for Harlequin Mills & Boon and also provides great tips for writers on her blog. Check out her post here.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back later with more treasure filled sites:-) Enjoy!

More Great Websites for Writers

I thought I’d take a little break from revising to bring you a few more of my favorite websites on not only the art and craft of writing, but also on the business/promotional side of things. Once you’ve finished a piece how do you find an agent, self-publish your work, or submit to a publisher? What about all you’ve heard regarding author platforms and the importance of using social media to promote your work? I’d promised you more great websites for writers and here they are:

The Book Deal ~ An Inside View of Publishing – This website is written by editor Alan Rinzler and according to the site, “The Book Deal is a blog for writers and book people, with a veteran editor’s insider take on the strange and inscrutable way books are published and the big changes going on in the business today…” It contains numerous interesting posts such as: “Ask the Editor: Is it okay to cross genres?, New ways to sell short stories, Fear of Editors, The “New Author Platform”- What you need to know”. It’s full of great advice for both aspiring and published authors.

The Creative Penn – Helping you write, sell, and publish your book. Created by Joanna Penn, the site “is aimed at people who are interested in writing, publishing of all different kinds and internet marketing/promotion for their books (in print/ebook or audio format). My aim is to make this the place to come for information if this is your area of interest online.” Visit the site to check out posts such as: “Writing Fast Is Overrated. 5 Hidden Benefits of Writing Slowly, Writing for Life: 5 Practical Goals For Writers, Gender Issues In Publishing. Using Initials As A Female Thriller Writer,” and more…Highly recommended!

1st Books: Stories of How Writers Get Started – I don’t know about you, but I always find these types of stories inspirational! According to author Meg Waite Clayton, who hosts the site: “If you think writers are born rather than made and brilliant writing is recognized immediately, those rejection slips for your novel—or story or nonfiction query, or (heaven help you) letter to your own mother—can seem a daunting thing. The truth is getting started as a writer takes hard work, persistence, and a bit of luck.” In addition to author interviews, there is also information on: contests and calls for submissions, quotes on writing, and writing tips. Love it:-)!

Speaking of writing…I’d better get back to work;-)