Calling all Erotic Historical Romance Authors…Thursday RT Retreat!

Are you trying to promote your books but don’t feel the word is getting out about your work? I’m certainly trying to market and do all the things I should but I don’t know if I’m reaching my audience. I’d really like to reach readers of erotic historical romance. I’m not sure Yahoo groups have any impact on my sales. I’ve done a few guest posts here and there…haven’t seen a noticeable increase. Triberr? Aside from being just a little confused, I can’t seem to get invited to join a tribe and I’m not ready to take on the responsibility of being the owner of one yet. Also, I’m not sure if I want to retweet every single item that I find in my stream, (that’s the correct term, isn’t it Triberrs?). I’ve heard great things about Triberr but feel I may lose my individual Twitter personality;-) (Okay, my tweets are probably not all that exciting or interesting, but still…) This is not to say that I won’t ever join Triberr…However, I do want to let people who are interested in the genre I write know about my work.

So. Where am I going with this? I’d like to invite writers of erotic historical romance (and historical romance, if you’re comfortable with erotic romance) to leave a tweet about your work in the comments section. The idea is that we will disseminate each other’s tweets via Twitter. Erotic romance writers of any sub-genre are also welcome to leave a tweet – the key word here is romance. This is an experiment that I’ll try for a few weeks. If it works out, we’ll make it a permanent Thursday RT retreat. We can then compare results after a reasonable length of time.

What do you think? Want to give it a try? If so, leave up to two tweets (you know the rules – 140 characters or less) in the comments exactly as you’d like them to appear. You tweet mine, I’ll tweet yours, and we’ll all retweet each other…Shall we use the hashtag #ehra ? I’ll start:-) (See comments.)

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